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"Revolutionize Your Kitchen and Storage Needs with Our Premium PP Freezer/Kitchen Shelving – Rust-Free and NSF Approved”

  • Steel Core & Smooth Polypropylene: Our shelving is crafted with a sturdy steel core and a smooth, high-quality Polypropylene surface, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.
  • Antimicrobial Protection: We care about your safety! Our shelving units are equipped with built-in antimicrobial elements, making them more hygienic and sanitary.
  • Seamless Injection Design: Say goodbye to crevices and rust! Our shelving is manufactured using a seamless injection process, ensuring a sleek and rust-free finish.
  • Impressive Weight Capacity: Each shelf can support an impressive 250 kgs, giving you peace of mind for heavy-duty storage needs.
  • Perfect for Any Environment: Whether you need storage for a cold room or a freezer as cold as -38?, or any wet environment, our shelving is up for the challenge.

Upgrade your kitchen, cool room, or freezer with our reliable and rust-free shelving solutions.

Experience the difference with our rust-free, NSF-approved shelving! Your storage, your way.