Mezzaine Floors

Product Description

A mezzanine floor is a robust and stable structure that effectively generates extra functional space within environments such as factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings, all without the necessity of constructing a new building or making alterations to the existing infrastructure.

Constructed from formed steel sections commonly employed in building structures, this mezzanine floor boasts exceptional strength and durability.

Furthermore, it can be tailored to accommodate a diverse range of loads and spans, meeting the specific requirements of each client.

  • Loads: 250 kg (2.5KN) to 850 kg (8.5 KN)per square meter
  • Spans: from 3 to 6 meter
  • Number of levels: up to 4
  • Material: ST-37 steel according to DIN 17100
  • Bolts & nuts: all bolts are to grade 8.8 and nuts to grade 8
  • Unlock the potential to nearly double your usable space quickly, without the need for traditional construction methods.
  • Our mezzanine offers the flexibility of disassembly and reassembly in another location when the owner's needs change, thanks to fully bolted connections.
  • Tailored to your specifications, we offer custom design options to meet your unique requirements.
  • Installation is a breeze, either by the end-user following our clear instructions or by our expert supplier's installation team.
  • Our system is suitable even for high seismic risk regions.

    Experience enhanced durability and an appealing aesthetic compared to other conventional systems.