Quality Policy

Our top business principle is to attain and enhance customer`s satisfaction

We believe that customer`s order must be fulfilled rapidly, precisely, and accurately from the very beginning so that corresponding all legal requirements, the provided product and/or service is priced suitably for the agreed-upon quality.

In order for the company and its supply and distribution network to grow along with customers and to establish sustainable relation with them, relying on our engineering, training and consulting capabilities in design, manufacture, and installation of STORAGE SYSTEMS AND PRE-FABRICATED STEEL STRUCTURES, we focus on solutions that lead to economical justification of initial investment as well as future costs for our customers.

Since CSS employees are invaluable resources, it is essential for us to establish a participative learning organization in order to maintain, empower, and share them in the process of decision making. Personnel need to permanently and actively take part in internal and external continuous improvement, growth, and business excellence of the company, including those of products and services; meanwhile their effective performance will be encouraged and appreciated. Hence, key operational processes in the company have been so organized and established in the Quality Management System as to comply with ISO 9001:2008

Our main quality objectives are annually set and their achievements are monitored periodically by my Executive Deputy as my authorized representative in all quality issues, as well as being followed in our prescheduled management review session to enhance our competitiveness.

All employees are required to perceive these concepts and fully understand them according to their mandated authorities and are duly responsible to ensure compatibility of their activities to Quality Managements System.

I am dedicated to pursue the realization and control of the provisions of this policy and its necessary reviews hereof.

Saeed Jaberansari
Managing Director