Company Profile

Our Vision: We aim to be a world class organization in supplying storage systems solutions

With strong and positive knowledge gained by more than 20 years of experience in supplying  storage systems in U.A.E. and the international  markets ,with quality products and services of DOZHPAD , CSS was established in U.A.E., a regioinal hub, to better serve our previous , present and future customers.

Having a strong  background and management team, We are having a long list of references who are our satisfied endusers, and have the capacity to supply and export major types of storage systems to all our customers and distributors in our target markets, globally.

We Create value by providing quality Storage systems, compatible with international standards and customer requirements that save more space, time and cost, safely. We have an extensive range of pallet racking, drive-in racking, cantilever racking, as well as slotted angle shelving, long span shelving, and mezzanines which can be constructed as multi-tier installations.

Our solutions are specifically designed to improve product storage and retrieval whilst optimizing the storage areas available. We offer the best after sales services, and have the local ex-stock available for most frequently used systems.

Why choose CSS ?

we supply our storage systems from a single source, DOZHPAD, the first and largest manufacturer of storage systems in Middle East.

As a financially independent family owned company, we stand for the highest levels of product safety, from product and project design to compliance with international norms and standards, such as CE certification for compliance with european safety standards.

We have developed innovative standard products and made-to-measure solutions that provide our customers with the efficient organization of their goods for storage and handling. 
We have the largest customer base in storage systems in the middle east region. Our specialist in-house expertise helps us come up with effective up-to-date solutions for each client in all industries.

Our range assures our customers the most effective and safe storage systems for their intended applications, using light duty to extra heavy duty , 2 meter up to 25 meters high systems, one tier to 5 tier installations, hand loading to lift truck to fully automatic loading systems.

Our design, logistics and installation expertise provides our customers with made-to-measure, safe project implementations. Our comprehensive network of branches and our worldwide presence ensures that we are always on hand, around the globe.  We offer the best after sales services, and have the local ex-stock available at all times.

We promote " management by value " system in our organization, and our core shared values are as follows:


  • We are ethically responsible of our commitments towards our customers.
  • We respect our colleagues as the most valuable organizational resource and consolidate mutual trust by our correct act and behavior.
  • We enhance company`s reputation by our sought of the right, gain of the licit income, self-integrity and organizational gratitude.
  • We are bound to our social and ethical responsibilities and pursue prosperity by committing to our duties.


  • We provide customers with a favorable choice by supplying valuable products.
  • We encourage discipline, creativity and collaboration while making learning and growth opportunities for our colleagues and ourselves.
  • We increase company`s share value and dividend to ensure its survival and to encourage shareholders into further investments.
  • We provide opportunities, consolidate social relations, and promote the image of DOZHPAD CO. through effective social participation.


  • We manage our business with fairness and integrity with our customer`s in target markets.
  • We portion each and every employee`s share of achievements relative to his/her profession, job and performance.
  • We do our best for the shareholders to allot them their fair expectation of resources and benefits.
  • We have an equal opportunity approach for all interactions within our society.